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Disaster Voucher Program

The Disaster Voucher Program replaces the Katrina Disaster Housing Assistance Program (KDHAP) and provides temporary housing to certain families displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 
To be eligible, an individual must be in one of the following categories:

  • A displaced public housing resident;
  • A displaced Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participant;
  • A displaced individual from another HUD assisted program such as Project-based Section 8; or
  • A pre-Katrina homeless person in a HUD homeless program.

HUD will provide housing assistance up to 18 months for eligible individuals.  Unlike regular vouchers, there is no family contribution to monthly gross rent.  A family may rent a unit with a gross rent greater than the payment standard, but the family must pay the difference.  If the rent to the owner is less than the payment standard and the lease requires the family to pay utilities, a PHA will reimburse the family an amount equal to the difference between the housing assistance payment and the rent.  After September 30, 2007, assistance will be recalculated according to regular voucher rules on the first day of the 19th month.

Referral Call Centers (RCC) have been established by HUD to help assist displaced families.  A RCC Counselor will advise families on pre-disaster unit availability.  RCCs can also help voucher families determine whether there are available units of suitable size administered by their home Public Housing Authority (PHA) or another PHA if the family prefers to move elsewhere. Call 1-866-373-9509 to reach a RCC Counselor.

A pre-Katrina homeless person in a HUD homeless program.

For more information on The Disaster Voucher Program at The Housing Authority of Fulton County,
call 404-335-8694.





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