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Information and Resources for Current Housing Choice Voucher Holders

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This page contains information and resources for current holders of Housing Choice Vouchers administered by the HAFC.

HAFC Tenant Forms

- Child Care Verification acrobat file

- Employment Verification acrobat file

- Family Member Move In acrobat file

- Family Member Move Out acrobat file

- Mutual Agreement to Extend the Lease acrobat file

- New Tenant Move Clearance acrobat file

- Notice to Vacate acrobat file

- Request for Reasonable Accomodation acrobat file

- Verification of Contributions and Gifts acrobat file

- Voucher Extension Request acrobat file


* All Forms are .PDF files - Adobe Acrobat is required to view forms

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In order to provide for decent, safe and sanitary conditions in all subsidized homes, THE HAFCconducts annual inspections on 100% of all housing units. In addition to housing quality standards inspections, random quality control inspections are conducted on at least 10% of our entire housing stock to ensure program compliance and to confirm that repairs are consistent within current industry standards.

There are three types of inspections:

1. Inspections for approval of housing unit as an HCV residence.

2. Annual inspections

3. Special inspections which are triggered by a complaint, either from a tenant or a neighbor

4. Follow-up and random inspections to maintain year-round quality-control standards.

Resident Obligations:
• All adult household members must attend the re-certification appointment and sign necessary forms required by the HAFC/HUD;
• All adult family members must provide proof of income;
• Must meet the HUD requirements on citizenship or immigration status;
• Must provide Social Security Card, or application for Social Security Number, for household members, age 6 and older;
• Not have an outstanding debt to any Public Housing Authority.
• Not have had a lease terminated by the HAFC in the past 12 months.

HAFC Obligations:
• Provide residents with access to their records upon request and allow an opportunity to contest data provided (employer, SWICA, and/or SSA) in case of discrepancies.
• Notify family in writing of any changes in rental amounts, through a Notice of Rent Adjustment, 30 days prior to any increase in rent.
• Families failing to respond to the initial re-examination appointment will be issued a final appointment. Failure to respond to the final request can result in lease termination.

What is the One Strike Policy for the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
All federally assisted housing is intended to provide a safe place to live and raise families, not a place to commit crime, to use or sell drugs or terrorize neighbors. It is the intention of the Housing Authority to fully endorse and implement a policy that is designed to help promote and maintain safe, drug-free and violence-free communities.

How the One Strike Policy for the Housing Choice Voucher Program Works?
All screening and eviction procedures shall be administered fairly and in such a way as not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, age, sex, familial status, disability other legally-protected groups, and not to violate right to privacy. To the maximum extent possible, the Authority will involve other community and governmental entities, as well as resident organizations, in the promotion and enforcement of this Policy. This Policy will be posted on the Authority’s bulletin board and copies made readily available to residents and/or applicants upon request.

Cause for Termination – Definitions
Drug-related criminal activity – the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, or use of a drug; or the possession of a drug with intent to manufacture, sell, or distribute.
Drug-related activity means on or off the premises, not just on or near the premises.
Violent criminal activity – any criminal activity that has as one of its elements the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force substantial enough to cause, or be reasonably likely to cause, nontrivial bodily injury or property damage.
Informal Hearings. If information is received that would cause the Housing Authority to deny or terminate assistance, and the family disputes the information, they will be given an opportunity for an informal hearing pursuant to the Informal Hearing Procedures in the Section 8 Administrative Plan, Chapter 19, “Complaints and Appeals.”





For information about property inspections, call 404-588-4950.

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